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We are the premier and first IV hydration service in the area. We offer customized IV fluids & vitamin infusions that maximize health, performance, recovery, and wellness.

Celebrities and social elite have been early adopters of the amazing results of IV therapy and booster shots. Now the time has come to bring this modern wellness therapy to you.

We offer multiple customized IV hydration formulas and booster shots. We can Revitavive you in as little as 30 minutes.

There are multiple benefits and applications for IV Hydration Therapy.

  • Restoring lost fluids due to exercise, environment or illness.
  • Replenishing fluids to facilitate wellness.
  • Revitalizing your fluid balance and nutrients to promote wellness or address chronic conditions.

IV therapy is the only process that ensures 100% of its nutrients are absorbed.

Visit with one of our certified nurses or medical consultants to discover your perfect hydration!

IV Therapy

The best way to Revitavive your vitality is with rapid infusion of IV fluids.  This is standard with all of our IV Hydration Therapies. Customize your therapy to meet your unique needs.

Vitamin Infusions

The most effective way to provide your body with essential vitamins is through IV Hydration Vitamin Infusions.  IV vitamins are absorbed 100% vs oral supplements which quickly lose potency once ingested.  Customize your IV vitamin infusion to maximize and Revitavive your health.


In addition to IV Hydration and Vitamin Infusions, we offer multiple Booster injections to keep you energized, boost your immune system, augment your weight management, and improve wellness.

IV Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

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